The Rail Skeleton

Minimalist look without sacrificing strength or flexibility. Laser-cut Machine Formed Steel Stanchions and Footings are unified with Anodized Aluminum Rails, maximizing strength and reducing overall weight. The open frame design and continuous integrated cable tray makes pulling cables and wiring easier than ever.

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Hot Swap on the Fly

MasterVision equipment turrets and monitor drop wells can easily be removed and replaced to meet changing equipment needs. Don’t have as much equipment and want better sightlines, swap a turret out for a drop well. Need more space change a 2RU turret for a 4RU or mix and match as needed.

Modern Design Theory

No longer being limited by 1 bay increments allows MasterVision to fit almost any space or need. Dropwells come in various widths and can accommodate any monitor including super ultra wides and large format displays. “Take On Any Shape” MasterVision can be configured with a variety of angular transitions to create custom footprints.

Countertop Options

Countertop Options


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