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Forecast Consoles


For over 35 years Forecast Console has designed and produced Consoles and Technical Furniture for an array of industries including Broadcast and Radio Production, Houses of Worship, Recording and Post Production, Network Operations, Security Operations, Financial Institutions, Sports Stadiums, and Government Facilities just to name a few.

Who We Are

Through years of listening, testing, evaluating and perfecting, Forecast’s designers and engineers have attained the highest level of knowledge, skill, and experience.

Forecast’s focus on both Form and Function enables us to turn customers’ work environment challenges into creative and functional work solutions by blending ergonomics and aesthetics.

Ahead of the Curve

In a world of rapidly changing technology, Forecast’s ability to anticipate these changes and quickly develop creative solutions to accommodate them allows our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Signature Design and Manufacturing Process

Our strength lies in our design and manufacturing process. All of our products are designed and fabricated around standard parts and materials. That means we can offer our clients custom tailored solutions to meet their exact specifications without added cost. In fact by allowing clients to only purchase what they need we can deliver projects faster and more cost effectively than other “off the shelf” manufacturers.

The Advantages of Working with Forecast Consoles


Four Decades of Innovation, Durability, and Quality

A Talented Team

Design Superiority

Creative Solutions

Limited Lifetime

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Forecast Consoles is committed to the concepts of conservation and minimizing waste. To substantially reduce our environmental footprint, we examined and re-evaluated every aspect of our business. As a result, we have achieved major accomplishments in many areas, such as recycling, energy consumption, chemical and organic emissions, packaging and workplace safety. Through strategic vendor and supplier relationships, we now select and purchase materials and products that are environmentally responsible. We have also engineered our products for optimized manufacturability and continued re-use.

Our Company History

The Beginning


Forecast Consoles is a family business created in 1978 by Bill and Janet Haberman out of their garage in Sea Cliff, NY. Todd Rundgren was Forecast’s first customer, and in this catalog you can see the original sketch that Bill used to sell the project, as well as the original company name – Forecast Installations. This is the only remaining copy, and was discovered in a box of their son Ryan’s childhood artwork that Janet had been saving. Ryan was clearly inspired by this early exposure to the business, and after years of serving in many different roles, took over as CEO in 2016. He has also learned to spell his own name, although his handwriting has not drastically improved.

Early Control Rooms


Technological “advancements” in production equipment led to an explosion of new production companies, and in turn an increased demand for purpose built, ergonomic console furniture. To keep up with demand Forecast moved into its first true production facility in 1979.

“Modern” Control Rooms


Having established a reputation as the go-to solutions provider for custom built console furniture, Forecast continued to push the limits of console design and equipment integration. The advent of early monitor walls required the creation of custom structures capable of supporting thousands of pounds of CRT monitors. The precision needed to create these structures was incredible, especially given that they predate the CNC machines we use today.

The Revolution

In 2001 Forecast introduced the fully modular console system, MASTERail. Quickly becoming our flagship product line, MASTERail’s modularity allows users to stay ahead of rapidly changing technology and control room design. MASTERail has evolved extensively in the almost two decades since its inception, and is still a mainstay in broadcast and production control rooms.

The Bleeding Edge

Forecast continues to push the boundaries of control room design. As technology progresses, so does the way we interact with it. It is imperative that console furniture keep pace with the ever changing control room environment, and Forecast strives to be at the forefront of that change.

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