Creating Control Rooms for Arenas and Stadiums

For arenas and stadiums, Forecast Consoles designs control rooms and technical furniture to support JumboTrons, scoreboards, announcers, lighting control, in-house streaming, pyrotechnics, DJs and audio booths, along with any other production space used to enhance the visual and auditory experience of fans.

The game-day atmosphere at these venues is a large part of building and retaining fan loyalty. After all, the better their experience, the more likely they are to come back and even recommend it to others. Essentially, our job is to support the people who create these environments.

Our Foray into Arenas and Stadiums

Our primary introduction to arenas and stadiums came in the form of the Ralph Wilson Stadium upgrade for the Buffalo Bills. As one of our first projects in the industry, our designs included the creation of “3D Logo End Panels” using the team’s insignia, which has become a specialty of ours.

This unique opportunity allowed us to figure out exactly why we were selected and how to move forward, which helped better inform future projects.

What Sets us Apart

Forecast Consoles exercises a complete willingness to work with clients to create 3D renderings that help stakeholders better visualize the final design. We are also able to exceed clients’ expectations, while firmly staying on budget and on schedule.

Due to our enduring relationships in the industry, our team tends to personally get involved in these projects. Additionally, we employ our signature creativity for custom design elements and purpose-built furniture, such as our hyper low-profile window consoles, acrylic countertops with built-in LEDs and painted logo end panels.

Case Studies

Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Tech Upgrade at Ralph Wilson Stadium This build had a lot of important firsts. The control room is built around the very first Ross Acuity switcher, which was signed by all the members of the Ross development team. Partners Diversified This is the first appearance of Forecast’s custom 3D logo end panels. Rather [...]

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