Sit Stand Enabled

GCX-S consoles are supported by electronically-controlled, screw-drive linear actuators that can accommodate 500 lbs. of lift. The lift system has built in anti-collision detection that allows for  automatic reversal when it encounters resistance. The handset includes three saved memory positions and digital read out for height and error code reading.

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GCX-S Turret Configuration

All turrets and counter-top extensions are individually removable and reconfigurable, allowing for maximum flexibility at time of purchase as well as in the future.

X Chassis

With removable front and rear hinged doors, the X-Chassis allows for cable and wire management to be easily accessible, but hidden. Integrated power distribution allows for simple and accessible plug-and-play functionality. Side and bottom openings allow cables to be routed between chassis, into support legs or into flexible cable carriers. Optional accessories include mounting platforms for SFF CPUs, KVMs, and patch panels.

Countertop Options

Countertop Options


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