Flexibility Pre and Post Installation

Sightline is designed to to make monitor wall installation and adjustment as easy as possible. Display mounts attach to the Quickset Rails allowing side to side relocation by simply loosening a few screws. The Quickset Rails can be adjusted up or down with a single Allen Key.

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Mounting For Any Situation

Sightline offers a wide variety of mounting accessories.
Displays – Fully Articulating, Tilt, and Video Wall mounts.
Speakers – Articulating Arms with platforms or mounting plates.
Clock and Rack Gear – Custom mounting solutions.

Ultimate Adaptability

Sightline offers a variety of installation configurations to adapt to any environment.
Freestanding for open floor placement and easy relocation.
Floor Mounted / Wall Braced for minimum intrusion into the space.
Console Braced for when wall mounting is not an option and space is a premium.

Countertop Options

Countertop Options


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