Forecast Consoles’ Role in Radio

Along with recording and post-production, radio was one of our original industries of service. In fact, our very first project was a recording studio for musician and record producer Todd Rundgren that our founder Bill hand-sketched and built in his garage. Recording studios and radio stations share a lot of the same DNA, so the design concepts were easily transferable.

A High Level of Production

To help draw high-profile guests and impress potential advertisers and donors, radio stations needed world-class facilities and environments to reflect their high level of production. While we specialize in premium studios, our design experience can be applied to cost-sensitive builds through value engineering and specific material choices.

Pivoting to Video

Many stations and programs have even shifted to video through television partnerships, OTT and streaming. These builds require additional thought and planning in the design phase to not only ensure clear sightlines between hosts and guests, but to also pinpoint the correct camera angles for a successful broadcast.

What Sets us Apart

With our design and aesthetics expertise, we employ a complete willingness to work with clients to create control rooms that are comfortable for both operators and guests. Knowledge of industry needs and challenges also helps us ensure that all equipment is arranged ergonomically for utmost comfort and accessibility.

Our team has the capacity to create truly custom designs that give our builds a unique, standout identity, while still allowing for the hiding of equipment and wiring for easy maintenance and clean aesthetics.

For custom design projects in radio and podcast recording and broadcasting, contact Forecast Consoles.

Case Studies


KQED KQED San Francisco Here's what we learned from our project with KQED San Francisco: the best part of a project is creating a true partnership. KQED were fantastic partners to work with because they were so invested in the outcomes. KQED's interior designers chose most of the materials we used and showed that they [...]

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