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Console and Technical Furniture for Houses of Worship

In the same way we made the leap from recording to radio, our experience designing broadcast control rooms was directly transferable to those utilized by houses of worship. That’s because workflows and equipment used to produce broadcast television are analogous to those in houses of worship, whether their production is transmitted to an overflow room, a remote facility, web stream, an entire region or a dedicated cable channel.

In addition to broadcast functionality, houses of worship require a significant amount of in-house audio and visual equipment to enhance congregants’ experiences during services, seminars and live concerts, similar to our work in live production, stadiums and arenas.

What Sets us Apart

When building out console furniture for houses of worship, aesthetics is paramount. For this reason, we try to specifically work with the client to identify the overall aesthetic goal of the project and design our furniture to fit that vision.

We also support the staff and congregation members that lend their time to create the best production possible by blending ergonomics and aesthetics. Essentially, our entire team strives to create complete control room environments that anyone would want to work in, while still maintaining quality and design that match the space’s somber level of reverence.

Ultimately, our end-goal is to fully realize a client’s vision while staying within budget and on schedule. With the utmost value and longevity, our technical and console furniture is built to last and adapt to the industry as technology develops.

Case Studies

FBC Dallas Church

First Baptist Dallas Creating A Spiritual Oasis One of the biggest challenges was finding space for all of the equipment necessary to put on such a massive production. With dual redundant switchers and a multitude of support positions the equipment count was staggering. Fortunately our MasteRail line of production consoles are designed to house a [...]

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