Post-Production and Editing Consoles by Forecast

As non-linear editing became more prevalent in post houses and editing suites, their systems and technology required furniture to accommodate editors. Additionally, as technology became more cost-effective, the number of companies doing post-production in-house increased.

For these reasons, Forecast started building editing consoles to solve these issues—and ImageMaster was created. We initially designed these products to be stock, easy to ship and simple to install. We also provide fully-custom or off-the-shelf products for use in post-production.

Originally, editing involved just film and audio, but has since expanded to color creating and correction, graphics, stop-motion and much more. As different functions were introduced, the amount of facilities increased, and the demand grew exponentially, so Forecast jumped into the fold.

Meeting the Industry’s Demands

With our work in post-production, we consistently met the demands of the industry. For instance, long work hours required ergonomic support, which led to the creation of our sit-to-stand workstations, GCX-S.

Before this standard product line, the consoles were all custom and expensive. GCX-S conforms to a more modular approach, so it’s not necessarily a one-size-fits-all console. Conversely, the C-series was essentially designed for “whatever you want,” due to its expandable and configurable nature.


What Sets us Apart

Here at Forecast Consoles, we listen to customers’ wants and needs, so we manufacture product lines to be as flexible as possible. It’s why we offer a vast number of countertop shapes.

In addition to offering a number of standard and custom options, we also take great pride in our signature attention-to-detail exhibited in everything from power strip placement and ventilation holes to cable management and removable doors.

For technical furniture, console and control room issues in the realm of post-production, Forecast Consoles has the answers, so reach out today.

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