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HBO Latin America

HBO Latin America

Several years ago, we were presented with an incredible opportunity to construct a unique Mission Critical control room for HBO Latin America. They were building a new 4acre Facility in Sunrise, FL and needed a total revamp of their technical control center. The design was unprecedented and required significant customization, leading us to create an entirely new product line.


Project Challenges

From the outset, we aimed to design a V-shaped frame that would hold cables under the desk, allowing for easy passage while keeping them out of the way. We experimented with the materials we had been using for years on our MasterRail system–hollow tube steel. Unfortunately, as you may have guessed, the tube steel V began to separate, causing the entire structure to collapse with even the slightest pressure. It was an embarrassing moment, and understandably, our client was not pleased. However, we rose to the occasion and dedicated hundreds of hours and countless screws to anchor the frame to the floor. We even installed metal cross beams in the V to reinforce it, though it defeated the original design. Despite the challenges we faced, we were able to deliver a stunning control room. What we may have lost in labor and screws, we gained in invaluable lessons. This project marked the birth of our MasterVision line, which utilizes folded and welded plate steel capable of supporting far more weight. Above all, this experience taught us the importance of selecting the right materials and prioritizing quality over excuses. We were able to use our mistake to improve our business and products for the better. It’s a testament to our resilience and commitment to excellence!


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